S​/​T 2013

by Magazine Dirty

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released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Magazine Dirty San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: Sleep When You're Dead
this town, this city, it's hot when you pick up the phone. call me up, call me baby, watch the hand spin around the clock. white lines, straight razors, close the bars cause we got til the morning. tough times, rough living, don't stop you can sleep when you're dead.
Track Name: Chained to You
Baby I know I hurt you bad, didn't know just what I had
Caught up in the electricity
Who'd of thought you'd end up with me
And now that I've sobered up
These tears they won't dry up
Now I see, hurt the only thing that matters to me
Chained to you forever
Chained to you.
I willing give you all of me
It the least I can do for what you did for me
Bottle's empty, swear it's done
Sometimes I feel like the only one
Who's ever been in love, behind, but two steps above
From the crowd
I'll never let you down again.
Track Name: Digging Your Own Grave
It's true I've been abused now, and I've been beat down
I've been the one at the bottom
I never thought that, that I would be here
I never thought I could feel so common
and now that I know, true sorrow
I can finally start too look up the ladder
push through the pain, lean on the throttle
plow ahead like there's no tomorrow
stand up straight, don't dare to look behind
hesitate and you may find you're digging your own grave
this is a story, about survival
don't let the darkness put out the fire
pick up the pieces, put in the miles
ready set go for the long rough trial
Track Name: Bloodshot Eyes
I do my own thing
if you get on board, we'll take a ride
I want to do it my way
don't try to hold me back stand in my way
I'm always broke but I'm never broke down
try to knock me out I leave you behind
with bloodshot eyes
I run the highways
another show, another night
I love this way of living
running hot til the day I die
Track Name: Teenage Lobotomy
this is how the night begins. guinness and a shot of jameson.
jukebox sounds are going strong
fuck it's the ramones let's sing along
pretty little thing sits next to me
bet she's not even twenty three
just like a teenage lobotomy
why do I do this? I must be crazy
just like a teenage lobotomy
bet this girl will go home hand in hand with me
this is how the night begins. line 'em up and let's do it again
jukebox sounds are going strong
fuck it's the clash let's sing along
Track Name: Bang, Bang
bang bang baby it's how you're moving those hips
bang bang baby why you kiss those lips
bang bang baby you drop me dead
bang bang baby get out of my head
you can't run away
boom boom honey you drive me mad
boom boom honey I need you so bad
boom boom honey running away
boom boom honey ??????
take a train plane automobile, ??????
Track Name: Faded
all the best are dead
all the good are faded
glory days are at an end
and they won't be back again
against the grain but in the wrong direction
look behind but look ahead
this is community not competition
hell we all die in the end
you try to tell me you lack inspiration
look behind but look ahead
though history can teach a painful lesson
it can also be a friend :)
Track Name: Punks and Pushers
punks pushers thugs and thieves
everybody wants a piece
makes no difference on the streets
are you a prophet or are you police
the girls are still strutting it
on the boulevard
the drugs are getting better
but the times are getting hard
the city wants to change, but I don't want to let it
the city wants to change, and I'm not going to let it
gold silver oil and dope
we're all just trying to cope
love lust sex and crime
nothing has changed except the times
Track Name: Another Sleepless Night
spending all my money on cocaine and pills
hit the red line looking for some thrills
end up in the gutter with shakes and no will
red hot cherry on my cigarette
burns my brain won't let me forget
just like bullet full of pain and regret
one of these days it's going to turn out alright
I won't end up at the edge of a switchblade knife
half a bottle courage and I'm ready to fight
scratching out my eyes life's a mess
only me and the devil with have to witness
sometimes I remember, if not I'll pretend
this endless cycle never ends
Track Name: Push
well I'm going out, and I'm looking smart
going to shoot this arrow through my baby's heart
well if looks could kill, we'd be bonnie and clyde
well here I come baby, to make you satisfied
now push into me baby and I'll push into you
now push into me darling, there's no quit until the music is though
well I want more rhythm and less of your blues
now just be my spark and I'll be your fuse
now if you're ready to go cause we're going out
well here comes the thunder to make you
scream and shout
Track Name: Get Up
get up get out get on the streets
the night is calling me
actions speak not apathy
your attitute I can't believe
you might just find, it's a state of mind
I know that this modern world can drag you down
there's a whole world for you to see
not there on your tv
an old man may have regrets
but you're too young to have them yet
you might just find, it's a state of mind
I know that this modern world can drag you down